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Jason Kolinsky – Interviewed By Fox Business

Jason Kolinsky of Kolinsky Wealth Management was recently quoted on in an article about Roth IRA’s.  The article discusses the differences between traditional and Roth IRA’s as well as the rules and requirements and what to consider when deciding where to open a Roth IRA.



If you are seeking another investment path and also have a lot of money to take a position, you might be thinking about an alternate investment.  Alternative opportunities sidestep the standard investment paradigm, for example property, cash, stocks, and bonds they seek a larger return from the more complicated (and, it should be stated, more risky) group of conditions. This is a brief summary of some investment options inside a huge and sophisticated financial arena.

Hedge funds, private equity finance funds and investment capital funds

These distant cousins of mutual money is not for that average investor and provide the potential of superb returns at considerable risk. In most cases, it requires lots of money to get involved with one of these simple funds and they’re not for that skittish. 1,2

Oil and gas programs

Direct participation gas and oil opportunities can establish great returns, or miserable ones – with respect to the temperament from the energy marketplaces. Gas and oil investment programs frequently have high minimums, and moving these programs can need a veteran eye.

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